Children should not be left out of antisocial behaviour debate, minister told

Children should be consulted about the Antisocial Behaviour Bill
before it becomes law, a group of young people warned the minister
for children, young people and families, writes Clare

Speaking at a Labour Party conference fringe meeting organised
by the Children’s Society, children, including some from the
charity’s project ‘The Junction’,  said that
young people should be consulted on the government’s plans to
tackle antisocial behaviour as many of the plans are aimed at

Chris Wear, the Bournemouth member of the UK Youth Parliament,
told Margaret Hodge: “Children feel safer when they can meet
in groups of friends.

“We are concerned that the government is making important
decisions about our lives which could restrict our freedoms without
consulting with young people,” he added.

However, Hodge defended the government’s plans using her
own experiences as a parent and grandparent. She said: “The
most difficult thing I found with my children was setting the
boundaries. Although my children broke those boundaries they really
were important to both of us.

“I believe society also has to set the boundaries as we
are in the bill,” Hodge added.

The Children’s Society is part of a 13-strong charity
coalition campaigning to prevent parts of the bill from
becoming law as the group fear the freedoms of children will be
significantly restricted.

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