‘Enviro-crime’ drive

A government action plan to tackle anti-social behaviour will be
launched in the next few weeks.

Joe Tuke, the deputy director of the Home Office’s Antisocial
Behaviour Unit, told the conference that the general themes of the
action plan would be tackling persistent offenders, tackling
“enviro-crimes” such as littering and graffiti, and supporting
victims and witnesses.

“When you go into areas and you ask people about the households
that are causing problems, they say that it is three households
that are causing 80 per cent of the problems,” he said.

“This is happening time and time again so we are looking at what we
can do to improve the response to these most persistent offenders.
If you’re a victim of anti-social behaviour you’re most likely to
see the people who’ve been intimidating you almost every day.”

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