Files to follow dispersed children

Unaccompanied asylum-seeking children will no longer be left in
unsupported bed and breakfast accommodation hundreds of miles from
their social worker under a new pilot scheme.

Kent Council has signed a deal with Manchester Council for the
“safe case transfer” of young people so that they can be nearer the
professionals responsible for their care.

Earlier this year, Kent social services director Peter Gilroy wrote
to all local authorities asking if they would be willing to join a
partnership to help share the burden gateway councils face in
caring for unaccompanied minors.

“I admire Manchester for taking a lead on this and I hope other
authorities will come on board. This has to be seen as a national

Manchester’s director of social services, Pauline Newman, said: “We
were already dealing with children from other parts of the country
so with safe case transfer we are saying ‘let’s make sure we do a
full assessment and get this right’.”

The Association of Directors of Social Services is lobbying the
government to ensure Home Office grants cover the full cost of
dealing with unaccompanied young people.

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