MPs’ demand for review of social care funding refused

The government has refused a request from MPs on the House of
Commons health committee for a review of social care funding,
writes Katie Leason.

In its response to the Laming report on Victoria Climbie, the
committee had recommended the government commission “an
urgent review” of the factors influencing demand for children
and adults’ social care, and to look at whether the resources
allocated are sufficient.

But, in its response, the government said that it does not think
there is a need for such a review, and that record levels of
funding were committed for health and social care in the 2002
spending review.

“We believe that the priority now is to ensure that these
large increases in resources are used to produce the maximum
benefit for users rather than to begin another review of the level
of funding for social care,” the response reads.

In addition, the government insisted that the green paper on
children is “being consulted upon fully”, and promises
details of its progress in implementing the recommendations of the
Laming report by the end of the year.

The government also reasserted its position on smacking, by
still refusing to ban it. It said it is “a matter for
individual parents to decide”.

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