It’s Someone Taking a Part of You. A Study of Young Women and Sexual Exploitation

By Jenny J Pearce with Mary Williams and Cristina Galvin.
National Children’s Bureau
ISBN 1900990830

Professionals involved in residential care and educational
provision for young women between the ages of 10 and 18 should read
this book. It identifies three categories of risk that, if
identified by a carer or practitioner, could lead to effective
support for young women at risk of sexual exploitation. Possible
actions and recommendations ensuing from identification are covered
in chapter six.

The authors assessed the backgrounds of 55 young women aged 18
years and under. Those involved in the study detailed their life
experiences and their understanding of how they became at risk of
being sexually exploited. As the authors say quite truthfully: “The
report maintains this focus, providing the young women’s voice

The report makes good use of informative tables and diagrams
throughout the chapters. The research findings are of great
interest, and I appreciated the connection between the subjects’
educational experience and the resulting challenges faced by each
individual. All those providing services to children should make
time to read this study and reflect on its findings and

Richard Rose is deputy director of practice,

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