Scots’ system under attack from councils

Scottish councils have expressed alarm that the country’s unique
youth justice system could be undermined by youth courts, following
the publication of the Scottish executive’s policy on tackling
antisocial behaviour, Putting Our Communities First.

Edinburgh Council said the children’s hearing system, which is
currently under review, was a more appropriate forum than a court
to make decisions in relation to the long-term needs of vulnerable
and damaged children, while Glasgow Council has warned that young
people could be stigmatised by the executive’s focus on youth

Despite support for Acceptable Behaviour Orders and Community
Reparation Orders, and for the use of electronic tagging, there
remain concerns about the use of Antisocial Behaviour Orders.

Glasgow Council rejects the use of Asbos for under-16’s, stating
that there is a danger of creating a parallel legal system for
young offenders.

– Putting Our Communities First from

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