Study backs more extended schools

Expansion of the extended schools scheme would be welcomed by
schools and the communities they serve, says a study.

But although the findings of the government-funded study support
the idea, the authors caution that extended schools are not always

The schools, which provide services and activities to help meet the
needs of pupils, their families and the wider community, were
identified in the children’s green paper as a key part of the
government’s strategy for integrating children’s services.

The report’s authors say: “There is evidence that involvement in
extended activities canÉimpose burdens on heads and other
teachers which distracts them from their ‘core business’
activities. This may be particularly the case where the school
already experiences challenges.”

In March, the government announced funding for three years to
support the development of extended schools.

This week, children’s minister Margaret Hodge put her weight behind
the study by calling for more extended schools.

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