Director of Scottish Borders resigns

The director of “lifelong care” for Scottish Borders Council in
Scotland has resigned, writes Maggie

The departure of Colin Johnson comes after his department
was criticised over the ‘Miss X’ case.

Miss X, a woman with learning difficulties, was tortured and
sexually abused by three men one of whom was her carer.

The council’s own inquiry into the case led to the department
making changes, which have been called the ‘Lifelong Care
Portfolio’. It is understood that Johnson has decided to step down
to allow the council to appoint a new director to lead the

He said:” I have felt for some time that it would be
appropriate to leave my post now. The council has approved and
adopted an action plan, which will take a number of years to
complete. I reach normal retirement age in 18 months’ time, and I
think it would be most appropriate for me to step aside

Frances Stuart, head of community care for the Scottish Borders
social work department, will assume the role of acting director
until a permanent appointment is made.

The director of social work in Edinburgh, Les McEwan, resigned
recently after his department was criticised in an inquiry report
over its handling of a child death case.

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