Staff ‘subjected to six-year vendetta’

A man subjected a social worker and other professionals to a
six-year harassment campaign, Middlesex Guildhall Crown Court was
told last week.

Richard Jan, of Ealing, London, developed a “chilling obsession”
with his victims after claiming he had been wrongfully arrested for
breach of the peace in 1996. The 37-year-old then vowed to launch
“world war three” against those he called “the fascist horde”.

Before his arrest, Jan’s mother had called the police to
express concerns about her son’s mental health.

The court was told he had set fire to a social worker’s
car, forcing her to leave her home. Over six years, Jan allegedly
made 1,870 crank phone calls, slashed car tyres, hurled a brick
through a window and punched one of his victims.

He denies four charges of causing a public nuisance and four of

The case continues.

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