Wednesday 10 December 2003

By Natasha Salari, Clare Jerrom and Alex

Amnesty plan for internet perverts
Paedophiles who hand over their computers to police could be
offered an amnesty, in a plan to be considered by police chiefs in
the New Year.
It would operate in a similar way to a gun amnesty and would
involve paedophiles giving up all the indecent material on their
computer hard drives and agreeing to counselling.
Their names would still go on the sex offenders’ register,
but they would avoid a prison sentence.
Source:- The Daily Mail Wednesday 10 December page 1
Threat of suicide leads to ban of major antidepressants for

All major anti-depressant drugs except for Prozac are set to be
banned for children under 18 by the government, amid concerns that
they can cause young patients to commit suicide.
Sources at the Department of Health have confirmed reports that
four anti-depressant drugs would be banned for children. Seroxat
and Efexor have already been banned, but it is expected that
doctors will now also be told not to prescribe Lustral, Cipramil,
Cipralex and Faverin.
Source:- The Independent Wednesday 10 December page 6
Half of primary teachers ‘failing

Nearly half of the teaching in English primary schools is not good
enough mainly because teachers do not know enough about numeracy
and literacy, Ofsted said yesterday.
A quarter of 11-year-olds moved on to secondary school every year
without reaching the expected levels in English and maths, Ofsted
Source:- The Daily Telegraph Wednesday 10 December page 1
Patients’ own skin cells turned into potential
Alzheimer’s treatment

Patients with conditions such as Alzheimer’s and
Parkinson’s could eventually be treated using cells from
their own skin.
Scientists in Canada have turned adult skin cells into the building
blocks of brain cells, opening the way for their use in new
Source:- The Times Wednesday 10 December page 8
Citizenship ceremonies ‘must wave the

David Blunkett wants the National Anthem to be played at
citizenship ceremonies despite some local councils suggesting other
The Home Secretary wants key elements of the ceremonies to include
the Union Jack, the singing of God Save the Queen and a reading of
an oath of loyalty to the Queen and Britain’s democratic way
of life.
Blunkett will attend the first citizenship ceremony, which will be
held in Brent in North London, in February.
Source:- The Times Wednesday 10 December page 13
Barnardo’s adverts on child poverty

Adverts showing a cockroach crawling out of a baby’s mouth
have been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority.
The images were part of a campaign by the children’s charity
Barnardo’s, which aimed to show would could happen to
children born into poverty. Other adverts includes babies suckling
on a syringe and a bottle of methylated spirits. The ASA said that
the charity had used “shocking images to attract
attention”, and banned the use of the images after
Source:- The Financial Times Wednesday 10 December page 8
Broadmoor lets out woman, 94, after 40 years
A 94-year-old woman has been released from Broadmoor high security
hospital in Berkshire after 40 years, it has been revealed
The woman is reported to have been so frail by the end of her
detention that she is capable of very little movement. She is now
in a care facility with no security provision.
The case is being highlighted by the government’s Mental
Health Act Commission to show the problems of people being held
inappropriately in high security hospitals.
Source:- The Guardian Wednesday 10 December page 5
No holds barred
The Prison Service has tried to tackle racism. But a disturbing new
report, based on interviews with black teenagers in three youth
jails, suggests the problem is still rife.
Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 10 December page 2
Quick Fixer
Harry Cayton’s NHS patient choice white paper proposes
far-reaching solutions.
Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 10 December page 6
Voices of Reason
A self-help group in Sheffield is challenging traditional
psychiatric opinions on paranoia.
Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 10 December page 7
Village People
Imagine a society devoted entirely to the over-60s, where
residents pay into a fund that covers communal services and
whatever care they may need in the future.
Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 10 December page 8
The next big thing
The private finance initiative, used to help deliver public
services, could be adapted to suit the voluntary sector. But are
charities in favour of the significant changes PFI might
Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 10 December page 10
Out of sight, out of mind
The welfare of people with mental health problems who are detained
is ensured by routine independent inspections, but a report out
today warns that visits may cease except where there is cause for
Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 10 December page 12
Out of the shadows
The governance of public services is in the spotlight, and with it
the ways in which charities run their trustee boards.
Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 10 December page 16
Scottish newspapers
Politicians walk out of meeting on psychiatric unit

MSPs from three political parties walked out of a public meeting
aimed at selecting the site for a new psychiatric unit in the west
of Scotland, claiming the process was undemocratic and
The event in Glasgow was designed to help a steering group of
doctors and council representatives decide which of three
short-listed sites should be chosen. But Labour, SNP and Tory
politicians quit the meeting saying residents from the sites – one
in Paisley and two in Lanarkshire – had been left isolated.
Source:- The Scotsman Wednesday 10 December
MSPs demand answers on cost of orders
The cost of a key part of the Scottish executive’s crackdown on
antisocial behaviour has raised concerns. The Scottish Parliament’s
finance committee urged more information on the financing of
antisocial behaviour orders after claims they could cost up to
£20,000 to implement.
Source:- The Scotsman Wednesday 10 December
Immigrants to swear oath in front of the Saltire
Immigrants living in Scotland who want to become British
citizens will have to swear an oath of allegiance before the
Saltire under government plans. Citizenship ceremonies north of the
border will reflect Scottish culture and tradition and the Scottish
flag and anthem Flower of Scotland will be given prominence.
Source:- The Scotsman Wednesday 10 December
Last Christmas of kids in B&Bs
Homeless children will not face another Christmas in bed and
breakfast accommodation, the Scottish executive pledged yesterday.
Margaret Curran, the communities minister, said new rules to stop
the scandal would begin in January. The announcement follows a
joint call from the Daily Record and Shelter to end the plight of
children living in B&Bs.
Source:- Daily Record Wednesday 10 December
Nursery staff in strike rally
Nursery nurses across Scotland will hold a one-day strike tomorrow
to protest over their long-running pay dispute.
Source:- Daily Record Wednesday 10 December
Welsh newspapers
Sex sentence doubled

A paedophile, who groomed an 11-year-old girl and forced her to
perform sex acts, has had his “unduly lenient” sentence
almost doubled by the court of appeal.
Ian Webb was found guilty of three indecent assaults, attempted
rape and indecency with a child, at Cardiff crown court in July,
and was sentenced to a four-year prison term.
Yesterday the country’s most senior judge, the Lord Chief
Justice, Lord Wolfe, increased that sentence to seven years.
Source:- Western Mail Wednesday 10 December page 1
Teenage cancer warning
Teenagers with cancer are falling by the wayside because of the
focus on children and adults in the NHS.
As a result, experts in the field are calling on the government to
provide more specialist centres for teenagers and adults in their
early twenties.
Cancer Research UK and the UK Children’s Cancer Study Group
want to see a national registry set up for cancer patients aged 15
to 24, and a strategy developed for enrolling more teenagers in
clinical trials.
Source:- Western Mail Wednesday 10 December page 9

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