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Stop! No More Abuse

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This book is aimed at helping people with learning difficulties
recognise various forms of abuse. We think the front cover is good
and the picture helped us to know what the booklet is about, write
members of Derby Independent Voice of Self-Advocacy (Divosa). Most
people already know at least some of their rights and said that the
pictures helped them to remember them. We talked about what is
written and drawn about abuse on page 6 (What is Abuse?) and felt
it explained abuse quite well. Then we tried to think of all the
different kinds of abuse. Most people thought of physical abuse
(being punched or kicked) and racial abuse. The booklet explains
about other sorts of abuse so it helped us to realise that people
are abused in all sorts of ways. We thought sexual abuse was
described very well and the pictures were clear and helpful. The
page about financial abuse was also very clear and easy to
understand. The things that we had not really thought about before
were emotional abuse, being treated differently and being
neglected. We talked a lot about this type of abuse and the booklet
helped a lot. We feel that it is very important that people learn
about these things and how to get help. The booklet is very clear
about abuse not being your fault and that there are people who will
listen to you and help you. It is good that the booklet tells you
what to do if you are abused. We found the words easy to understand
and the pictures very good. We also thought that acetates ought to
be provided with the booklet to help people use the information on
an overhead projector. If you were working in a group this would
make it easier for people to see. We were glad we had the
information to look at and it helped us to talk about abuse and
what to do about it.

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