The Selfish Pig’s Guide to Caring

The Selfish Pigs Guide to Car  
By Hugh Marriott.
Polperro Heritage Press
ISBN 0954423313

This book is for those of us who have come reluctantly to caring for someone with a long-term disability and who secretly feel bad about our unwillingness.

In an entertaining manner the author, himself a carer of his partner who has Huntingdon’s disease, tackles the difficult matters such as (in the titles of some of his chapters) “What if you didn’t care?”, “Pushing them down the stairs”, “Are you the one who needs looking after?”, “Officialdom and chaos theory” and “Tips which the experts don’t tell you”.

The suggestions for managing your life with your “piglet” (“person I give love and endless therapy to reduce frustrations and despair”) are done in a way that is not only hilariously funny but also unpretentious. Making a decision not to want what you can’t have and “going at piglet pace” are just two of many sound guidelines.

It addresses issues that carers can hardly bear to admit to themselves. It acknowledges that you are on your own and, like it or not, you have to survive or your piglet suffers.

This is a book that I predict will revolutionise the awareness of carers; already I feel empowered by its refreshing and liberating straight talking.

Glenys Thomas was formerly a social work tutor and lecturer in group work before becoming a carer.

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