Charity in warning on cannabis effects

Concerns have been growing over the possible link between cannabis
and mental illness in light of the government’s decision to
reclassify the drug from class B to class C at the end of the

Drugs charity Drugscope said the evidence proved a link and the
substance had an “aggravating effect” on people predisposed to
mental illness.

However, the charity added that it would argue against the
assumption that cannabis could cause mental illness and said it
welcomed the government’s decision to reclassify the drug as it was
an acknowledgement that cannabis was less harmful than other class
B drugs.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for social care charity Turning Point
said the impact of reclassification on mental health services was
not yet known, although evidence suggested it would not necessarily
lead to more people using the drug.

Chief executive Victor Adebowale said the reclassification should
make young people more confident talking about cannabis and seeking

But he added that the possible risks associated with cannabis
needed to be made clear.

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