Paedophile wins review on contact

A judge has criticised a social worker who banned a convicted
paedophile from having contact with his daughters.

The judge was examining the case of a man who was convicted of
assaulting an 11-year-old girl while he was working as a classroom
assistant in the 1980s. He went on to marry and have two daughters
but his relationship ended when his wife found out about his past.

After a legal battle, he was prevented having direct contact with
his daughters, both still aged under 10.

At Guildford County Court in July, Judge Christopher Critchlow
refused him permission to see the girls after reading a social
worker’s report which concluded that direct contact would place the
girls “at risk of significant harm in terms of emotional and sexual

But in the Appeal Court last week, Lord Justice Wall said the
social worker had gone “way beyond” her remit. He added that Judge
Critchlow should have “ignored” many of her findings which showed a
“partiality one does not expect” and for that reason his ruling was
“fatally flawed”.

The case must now be re-heard.

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