Searching Questions: Identity, Origins and Adoption

Book Cover: Searching QuestionsBy Julia Feast and Terry Philpot.
BAAF Adoption and Fostering
ISBN 1903699479

In a growing literature about adoption, this book stands out.

Its subtitle links the themes of origins and identity to adoption. Each chapter follows a common format, drawing on available research, providing case studies and ending with questions and exercises.

Where Feast and Philpot excel is in allowing adopted people to speak for themselves. So, through well- chosen extracts, the book progresses from what it is like to grow up adopted to the search for biological roots, meeting with birth relatives, the experience of transracial placements and what adoption can tell about other areas of practice.

The authors also consider what research tells us about adoption. This also helps to widen the book’s appeal and helps it to serve as the possible basis of an adoption preparation course, as well as helping the book to find a place in any social work training.

In the final pages, the authors consider donor-assisted conception to illustrate that we are entering new areas of practice and that adoption can assist in understanding new ethical and social dilemmas.

There is an accompanying video with the book that also serves to supplement the text.

Chris Hanvey is UK director of operations, Barnardo’s.

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