Social Work Assessment and Intervention

Book Cover: Social Work AssessmentBy Steven Walker and Chris Beckett.
Russell House Publishing
ISBN 1903855349

This book examines assessment and intervention, with an emphasis on the relationship between the two.

It explains the knowledge and skills base and considers the dilemmas and challenges. Examples include implications of resource constraints, decisions related to the complexity of the social work role, and risk assessment practice.

A vast amount of information is covered, although succinct summaries at the end of each chapter are helpful. The authors have also included activities and case scenarios, which are followed by commentaries. This interactive approach, coupled with a comprehensive list of further reading, makes it particularly useful for students of social work, whether at an undergraduate or post-qualifying level. However, the book does not include an alphabetical index to help the reader with such a wealth of material.

Assessment and intervention skills are fundamental to social work practice, as acknowledged in the national occupational standards for social work. This book provides a thorough guide through these core elements of practice and includes consideration of relevant contemporary issues.

Karin Crawford is senior lecturer in social work, Hull school of health and social care, University of Lincoln.

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