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Who Wants a Direct Payment?

SCOVO, £8 including p&p. Call 02920 492443, E-mail:,

This video is an introduction to the direct payment scheme, writes
social work student Katrina Miles. It’s enjoyable and gets the
information across with real stories of individuals making use of
the scheme. It also gives advice on how to make an application and
what to do if unsuccessful. I found it to be a good introduction to
direct payments providing clear, concise facts and felt it would be
very useful for individuals who are new to the scheme and who would
be interested in applying. It would be good for individuals to view
the video in an environment where they could ask questions to
provide them with extra information they may need.

Induction and Foundation Care for the TOPSS Standards

Yvonne Nolan, Heinemann Educational, trainer file and CD-Rom
£99.99, trainee handbook £9.99. To order, call
Community Care bookshop 020 8652 4861

This comprehensive package covers the induction and foundation
standards for people new to the social care sector, writes Pauline
Brown, director of operations, Rutland House Community Trust.
Although the trainee handbook is jargon-free, the examples used are
mainly aimed at the older people care sector, perhaps making it
difficult for people from other sectors to be able to equate to
examples given. Although the information enclosed was up to date
and relevant, I did wonder how many care staff would take the time
to read it. I found the trainer file to be an easy-to-use guide for
management. It has a user-friendly format and runs with the CD-Rom
provided. My only reservation is that not all services have access
to a computer and those that do may not have the correct software
to access the presentations.

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