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We are Fostering

Jean Cammis, Baaf Adoption and Fostering, £15. To order call
020 7593 2072 or e-mail

This book is a collection of questions and activities specifically
designed to be used by and with children in families who adopt or
foster, writes Hannah Longdon, supervising social worker with an
independent fostering agency. The format is clear and attractive,
and would suit mainly children aged from seven to 12. The
reflective style enables children to look at their own family as
well as at issues dealt with by children who are looked after, such
as separation and loss. However, some children would possibly find
the style of the book formal and overwhelming if not presented
creatively to them. I found that the exercises worked best when
carried out with the family group as a tool to generate discussion,
rather than being used by children individually as a workbook.

Active Advocates – Self-Advocacy and Young

Wyre Forest Self Advocacy, £25 plus p&p for user groups,
£50 for statutory and voluntary groups. Contact 01562 820 262
or e-mail

“We feel proud” is one of the comments on the back of this booklet.
And so they should be, writes Kathryn Stone, director of Voice UK.
This video and the accompanying booklet make such a refreshing
change from all the usual “professionals know what’s best” and all
the usual pictures. This training pack tells us what self-advocacy
is, how it can change things and how to set up a group. The best
bit is “What self-advocacy has done for us” which shows how people
have found out about who they are through self-advocacy. This is
recommended not only for user groups but also for those working in
the field – a chance for paid staff to learn from the real

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