Wednesday 3 March 2004

By Amy Taylor, Clare Jerrom and Alex Dobson

Families challenge care order rulings

The families of two children taken into care as a result of a
Munchausen’s Syndrome By Proxy diagnosis are appealing against the
rulings today.

The families will tell the Court of Appeal that the children were
taken into care on the basis of incorrect medical evidence.

The two, to be heard at a joint hearing, are the first of hundreds
of cases involving children taken into care to go to appeal after a
review was announced following the Angela Cannings appeal.

Source:- The Independent Wednesday 3 March page 3

Clerk jailed over 500,000 child porn pictures

An accounts clerk was sentenced to five years in prison yesterday
after the largest ever collection of pornographic pictures of
children to be found in Britain was discovered on his

Andrew Tatam admitted downloading almost half a million

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Wednesday 3 March page

Man killed daughter he made pregnant

A father who murdered his teenage daughter who had learning
difficulties because she had been pregnant with his child was
jailed for life yesterday.

Preston Crown Court heard how Sean Brown had driven off the M6 near
Carlisle in an attempt to kill both himself and his 14-year-old
daughter, Carry Ann.

He survived the crash, but the teenager suffered head injuries and
died five days later.

Carry Ann had become pregnant by her father last year but the baby
was aborted on the order of a High Court judge. Brown denied a
charge of having unlawful sex with her and was on bail pending
paternity tests when the crash took place.

He pleaded guilty to having unlawful sex and the murder charge on

Source:- The Times Wednesday 3 March page 7

Blurred vision of a safer future

The children’s bill due to be published tomorrow promises to
improve the way young people are protected and supported. Malcom
Dean questions whether the proposed restructuring can work. But
Mark Gould discovers hope and optimism on the frontline.

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 3 March page 1

Real world, real progress

A Tory MP attempts to do the job of a youth worker as part of the
BBC series.

Alan Duncan shadowed Nicky Brand, a project worker for Langley
youth inclusion project, managed by the charity Crime Concern
Trust. The project aims to stop people becoming involved in crime
by working with them on their personal development.

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 3 March page 4

When duty calls

He is a 35-year-old wonderkid, workaholic and urban visionary. But
can Jon Rouse turn round the rudderless Housing Corporation?

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 3 March page 6

Nipped in the bud

How can substance misuse by young people be averted? A
schools-based prevention programme that is involving pupils and

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 3 March page 7

A friend on the other end

It is a charity that has provided safe sex advice, support for
people under arrest – and sorted out the occasional lovers’ tiff.
Thirty years of London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard.

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 3 March page 8

Suffering in silence

A new report criticises the NHS for the ignorance and insensitivity
of its staff in dealing with people who are hearing impaired. It
could face legal action unless significant improvements are

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 3 March page 10

Surplus to requirement

Michael Howard’s wastefinder general is off to a cracking start in
uncovering the millions being poured down Whitehall’s drains.

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 3 March page 14

What else can I do?

With 11 years’ experience in child protection, Anita has a plethora
of opportunities to help advance her career.

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 3 March page 92

Scottish newspapers

NHS set to pay out millions over brain-damaged girl’s

The mother of a disabled four-year-old girl is expected to
receive a substantial award in settlement of a £5 million
medical negligence court action.

Greer Ralston blames hospital staff for delaying the birth of her
daughter Keira McEnearney by emergency caesarean section for
causing her child’s brain damage.

Yesterday, a judge was due to begin hearing evidence at the court
of session in Edinburgh, but Forth Valley Acute Hospitals NHS Trust
announced it was admitting liability and would pay compensation to

The hearing was adjourned overnight to allow negotiations on the
level of damages.

Source:- The Scotsman Wednesday 3 March

Youths forced boy to jump over cliff

Three boys forced a terrified school boy to fall 25 feet over a
cliff, the High Court in Glasgow heard yesterday.

The three teenagers surrounded the schoolboy and hounded him off
the cliff at the beauty spot in the Campsie Fells.

Craig Garlinge, 18, Christopher McGowan, 17 and Matthew Duncan, who
was 15 at the time, admitted surrounding the boy, striking him
repeatedly with golf clubs and a baton and forcing him over the
cliff causing severe injury, endangering his life and
causing permanent impairment.

The judge called for reports on all three boys, who are first time
offenders, and continued the case for sentencing later this

Source:- The Scotsman Wednesday 3 March

Executive refuses to back new call for prostitute tolerance

The Scottish executive yesterday refused to back moves to give
councils legal powers to set up tolerance zones for

Margo McDonald, an independent MSP for the Lothians, re-launched
her Prostitution Tolerance Zones Bill last September after her
initial attempt to get the legislation on the statute books before
last year’s elections failed.

Yesterday, deputy justice minister Hugh Henry urged members of
Holyrood’s local government committee, which is scrutinising
the bill, to vote it down again.

Source:- The Scotsman Wednesday 3 March

Nursery nurse strike is cruel to children, say

Parents of children affected by the nursery nurse strike have
begged politicians and union leaders to end the dispute.

The families of children with special needs have accused leaders of
public sector union Unison of cruelty in failing to exempt special
schools from the industrial action.

Around 4,000 workers across 24 council areas in Scotland picketed
outside nurseries in protest at low pay and working

Source:- The Scotsman Wednesday 3 March

Cannabis café owner set to lose £25,000 as he
sells up

The owner of Scotland’s first cannabis café is selling
up after just a month in business.

Paul Stewart, who owns the Purple Haze Café in Leith, blamed
stress and ongoing “harassment” from authorities for
the decision to sell the lease to the premises.

He admitted the café was only attracting around 12 people each
night, and he expects to lose around £25,000 on the

Source:- The Scotsman Wednesday 3 March

Swift justice plan to cut re-offending rate

American style swift justice schemes are being considered by
ministers in a bid to combat re-offending rates in Scotland.

Justice minister Cathy Jamieson said she wanted to look at a
community justice system pioneered in America, where minor
offenders can be forced to carry out community service within hours
of being caught and sentenced.

Jamieson also launched a consultation document which includes
proposals to use alternatives to prison.

Source:- Evening News Tuesday 2 March

‘Put up or shut up’ challenge in Jodi Jones

The procurator fiscal was ordered to “put up or shut
up” by the lawyer representing a suspect in the murder of
school girl Jodi Jones.

It has been reported that Luke Mitchell, Jodi’s former
boyfriend, is the only suspect mentioned in a police report to

Nigel Beaumont claimed that the fact his client had not been
charged more than three months after a Lothian and Borders police
file was submitted to crown prosecutors suggested there was not
enough evidence to proceed against him.

Source:- Evening News Tuesday 2 March

Council bans camera phones in school

West Lothian Council became the first Scottish local authority to
ban the use of mobile phone cameras in school.

The council responded to fears that images transmitted from the
playground or classroom could be exploited by paedophiles.

Pupils will still be able to carry their phones switched off in
their pockets or bags, but will not be allowed to take any pictures
while on school property.

Source:- The Herald Wednesday 3 March

Welsh newspapers

Volunteers use experience to help kids in care

Volunteers aged between 16 and 22 who are in local authority care
or who have recently left care have had their achievements
recognised by Caerphilly Council.

The eight young people received certificates from social services
in recognition of their work in helping develop services for
children and young people.

Source:- South Wales Argus Tuesday 2 March page 9

Crackdown on domestic violence

Police and other agencies met this week to discuss how to move
forward with a project that aims to tackle domestic violence.

The 12-month project that began in January in Caerphilly is
targeted at increasing the number of domestic violence cases that
reach court. The government-funded initiative support victims and
witnesses through the court process.

Source:- South Wales Argus Tuesday 2 March page 9

How did it happen?

A woman with 81 convictions who was given a job as a home help for
older people has been found guilty of stealing £5,000 from a
92-year-old woman in her care and jailed for three and a half

Leeann Venables admitted to Cardiff agency Five Star Care that she
had a criminal conviction for benefit fraud but failed to tell the
agency that it was only one in a string of offences.

Source:- South Wales Echo Tuesday 2 March page 1

Mums in special needs protest

Two mothers have chained themselves to the railings of a school in
protest against its special needs policy.

They claim that Oakdale Comprehensive in Blackwood has failed to
adapt the curriculum to suit their children’s special
educational needs. The women said they wanted justice and equality
for children who need special support in school.

SEN experts said Wales was failing in its provision to children
across the principality.

Source:- Western Mail Wednesday 3 March page 2



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