Edinburgh looks at co-location option

Child protection social work managers in Edinburgh could find
themselves working alongside senior police officers and child
health professionals under changes being considered by the city’s
social work department following the inquiry into the death of
Caleb Ness.

Co-location of managers is one of the four options set out in a
report passed by the council last month aimed at improving child
protection services in the wake of the damning O’Brien report into
the child’s death.

The other three options would see child protection work carried out
by practice team workers from across the city, by dedicated teams
alongside dedicated police officers, or by dedicated social work
managers and specialist social workers across the city.

Edinburgh social work department accepts that changes must be made
and has been given additional resources to make them, but a
spokesperson said it was too soon to be able to confirm which of
the options would be followed.

She confirmed that talks were taking place with police and health,
both also criticised by O’Brien. The department is also consulting
with colleagues in the Scottish Borders social work department, who
are already successfully co-located with police and health.

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