Greater role urged for faith groups

Government departments must consider allocating resources to
faith communities in order to allow them to participate fully in
national and regional consultations, according to new Home Office

The report, which describes past government engagement with faith
communities as “patchy”, aims to improve co-operation between the
two and boost the role of faith communities in policy making.

Other recommendations state that departments should participate in
internal faith awareness training and build an effective network of
informal contacts.

The guidelines instruct faith communities to be persistent in
reminding departments of the importance of involving them.

Saif Ahmad, chief executive of campaign group Faith Regen UK,
welcomed the report but said it needed to be backed by

“Government should set targets of tangible outcomes with regard to
faith communities’ involvement in the neighbourhood renewal agenda,
for example, delivery of government programmes through faith
institutions,” he said.

– Working Together: Cooperation Between Government and Faith

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