Tuesday 18 May 2004

Carer takes overdose over work stress

An experienced carer and trained nurse took an overdose after
bosses criticised her work, an inquest heard.
Ruth Vespa, 38, told her managers she was sinking under the
pressure of her workload which involved supporting pre-school
children and their families.
The hearing was told, bosses at Gwent Healthcare NHS wrote back
criticising her ability to do her job.
Vespa took 70 paracetamol tablets and tried to gas herself in her
car. Mid-Glamorgan Coroner Philip Walters recorded a verdict of

Source: Daily Mail, 18 May 2004, page 38.

More than 100 schools regularly use dogs to search
pupils for drugs

Children are being searched for drugs by sniffer dogs on a
regular basis in over 100 secondary schools in England and
The revelation has come out of an investigation by the drug’s
charity Drugscope. The practice is being carried out by 12 police
forces. It was unheard of three years ago.

Source: The Guardian, Tuesday, 18 May, page 5

GP paedophile sentenced

A GP has been sentenced to 27 months in prison at Croydon Crown
Court for sexually abusing two brothers.
Jeremy Jackman, 53, of Andover, Hampshire began a sexual
relationship with one boy aged 13 and his brother who was aged 11.
The abuse took place between 1978 and 1983.

Source: The Times, Tuesday, 18 May, page 5

Welsh newspapers

Hutt ‘all spin and no action’

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have accused Labour in Wales of
being more concerned with spin than with solving the problems of
the health service.
The party accused Welsh assembly healthy minister Jane Hutt of
releasing some 30 different press releases announcing NHS
initiatives since last year when the Wanless report on health and
social care in Wales was published. But the party claims that not
enough has been done to stem the crisis in health services in

Source: Western Mail, Tuesday 18 May, page 1

Child victims find it hard to speak out about

The child victims of domestic violence often feel that they have
no one to confide in, says a new report published today.
The report for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation found that such
children face sadness and isolation, which is made worse by the
stigma of domestic violence. It also found that children want to be
believed and respected by professionals and involved in decision
making, when there are problems within the family.

Source: Western Mail, Tuesday 18 May, page 2

Scottish Newspapers

Beyond the binge

Scotland’s drink laws are to be changed in a move designed to
tackle binge drinking and underage drinking.
Although rules around pub opening hours are to be relaxed, 24-hour
opening has been ruled out. Happy hours and drinks promotions
targeted at young people will be banned.

Source: Daily Record, Tuesday, 18 May, page 2

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