Wardens threaten strike over extended visits in the community

    Sheltered housing wardens in Edinburgh are threatening to strike
    if the city’s housing department’s plans to expand
    their duties go ahead, writes Maggie

    Under the proposed new arrangements, wardens who live on site
    will be expected to extend their workload to cover older people
    living in the community.

    Currently, wardens visit sheltered residents at least once a
    day. Under the new plans they would be expected to decide who not
    to visit to allow them to visit older people living elsewhere.

    A spokesperson for trade union Unison said the proposed changes
    would mean a reduction in services to a number of people living in
    sheltered housing who depended on daily visits for social

    Existing domiciliary care and community care services to older
    people living in the community could be cut back once it became
    known that they were being regularly visited by another service, he

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