Social care director opens pay debate

    The incoming national director for social care has refused to rule
    out a change in the way social workers’ pay and conditions are

    Speaking to Community Care, Kathryn Hudson stressed the
    need to look at different ways of working.

    “One of the problems we know we have at the moment is recruitment
    and retention to social workÉ You have to look at how best you
    might address that,” Hudson said.

    “It’s something that every local authority department, certainly in
    London and possibly all over the country, is dealing with on a
    daily basis. And the more you get a national focus on that, the
    more that is going to help us sort out the difficulties. But how
    that is done is very much something we can talk about.”

    Her comments followed the launch by health secretary John Reid last
    week of the NHS Employers’ Organisation, which will take over
    responsibility for workforce issues including NHSpay and

    Social workers’ pay and conditions are currently negotiated
    alongside that of other local government employees by the
    Employers’ Organisation and trade unions.

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