The Health and Social Care Divide: The Experiences of Older People (Revised 2nd Edition)

Boo Cover - The Health & Social Care DivideBy John Glasby and Rosemary Littlechild.
The Policy Press
ISBN 1861345267 (hb), £50
ISBN 1861345259 (pb), £18.99

Star rating 4/5.

For the past 30 years, governments have sought to improve co-ordination between health and social care services, writes Jo Moriarty. Despite this, many older people continue to experience the consequences of the failure to provide the “seamless service” so often spoken of and yet so rarely achieved. In this context, this revised edition is especially welcome.

It usefully combines a review of the literature, a summary of legislative and policy developments, and a set of case studies covering different areas of partnership working. Exercises invite the reader to consider their reactions to a given situation and to identify where improvements could be made. There is a helpful index, bibliography and list of relevant websites.

Although aimed primarily at students, it would be useful for practitioners working in multi-agency settings. Sadly, in the context of the Wanless report recommendation on the need for public engagement in decision-making, there remains a need for a companion volume aimed at commissioners.

Jo Moriarty is research fellow, King’s College London.

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