Appeal Court finds sentence too harsh

    A man who threatened to kill a social worker has had a four-year
    jail sentence halved by the Court of Appeal, which ruled that it
    was “manifestly excessive”.

    Last October, Jonathan James Lee vowed to track down Crewe social
    worker Marion McBride, “rip out her eyes” and then take his own
    life. At the time Lee was already serving a sentence for
    threatening to kill his ex-partner. He had pleaded guilty and was
    given four years in addition to his existing sentence.

    The Appeal Court heard that Lee’s outburst came when he received a
    letter from his ex-partner saying she wanted to end the
    relationship. In the same envelope was a letter from McBride
    expressing concerns for the woman.

    Lord Justice Hooper said that Lee had not been given enough credit
    for his guilty plea.

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