Understanding Research for Social Policy and Practice: Themes, Methods and Approaches

    Book Cover - Understand Research for Social PolicyEdited by Saul Becker and Alan Bryman.
    The Policy Press and Social Policy Association
    ISBN 1861344031

    Star rating: 4/5.

    This complex-looking book is surprisingly readable, writes Pete Hannah.

    While comprehensive and covering most aspects of social policy and research, the book has a well-structured approach that makes it relatively easy to follow.

    Although there are a bewildering number of contributors – 65 in all – the multi-author approach is engaging. It left me with the sense of having been part of a lively and up-to-date debate rather than feeling I’d just waded waist-deep through a text-filled quagmire – something I experienced all too often when studying for a recent research diploma.

    Understanding Research is one of those books you would go back to – a good one for the collection.

    Pete Hannah is a day and community support service worker.

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