Derbyshire livid over its fallen star

    Two mental health trusts and six primary care trusts have
    complained about the star ratings they were recently awarded by the
    Healthcare Commission.

    They include Derbyshire Mental Health Trust, which is unhappy about
    its fall in the ratings from a two-star trust to a one-star.

    “Our overall score has been adversely affected by inadequate
    information systems, which we acknowledge and already have an
    action plan to address,” said Mike Shewan, chief executive of
    Derbyshire Mental Health Services.

    The trust met five of the seven key targets but failed to reach the
    required standards for the assertive outreach service and the
    mental health minimum data set, he said.

    A commission spokesperson told Community Care that all
    mental health trusts needed to be better at providing information
    and collecting data (news, page 7, 22 July).

    “Mental health trusts are not under as much scrutiny as [better
    performing] acute trusts, which have become used to clinical and
    corporate governance,” he said

    As Community Care went to press, six primary care trusts,
    four acute trusts and two mental health trusts had challenged their
    new star ratings. The closing date for trusts to appeal was this

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