Thursday 5 May 2004

By Amy Taylor, Alex Dobson and Clare Jerrom

Parents of missing baby released

An alleged paedophile and this Thai wife who were imprisoned for
refusing to tell the High Court the whereabouts of their newborn
baby were set free yesterday. Andrew and Sakunna Milton, from
Wellington, Somerset, told the court their baby was living in

Source:- The Independent, Thursday, 5 August, page 18

Children aged 12 may get free condoms

Children as young as 12 could be given “credit cards”
entitling them to free condoms under a scheme to curb teenage
pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

The scheme is being introduced by Calderdale Primary Care Trust in
Halifax, West Yorkshire. Young people will be able to get their
condoms from family planning clinics linked to the PCT.

Source:- The Times, Thursday, 5 August, page 2

NHS patients want more say in their treatment

Patients feel that they don’t have enough say in the
treatment they receive from the National Health Service, according
to new research.

Five national patient surveys published yesterday by the Healthcare
Commission covered adult inpatients, young inpatients, primary care
trusts, mental health services and ambulance trusts.

The research found that three quarters of mental health patients
rated the service as good or better but the mental health charity
Mind said that this did not match what patients had told

Source:- The Times, Thursday, 5 August, page 9

Under-16s to get morning-after pill over the

Girls aged under-16 could soon have access to the morning after
pill over the counter  high street  chemists.

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) has said that Department of
Health guidance issued last week which said girls under 16 should
have access to confidential advice on contraception or having an
abortion without their parent’s consent could also apply to
getting emergency contraception over the counter.

Source:- The Independent, Thursday, 5 August, page 2

Scottish newspapers

Teenager launches test case over bullying

A teenager is trying to sue her local council for £20,000 in a
case that could force every school to change the way they tackle

Natalie King has issued a writ against Aberdeen Council demanding
compensation for the psychological damage she allegedly suffered at
the hand of school bullies.

The15-year-old’s lawyer believes hundreds of people will
follow suit.

Source:- The Scotsman  Thursday 5 August

Traders demand action on beggars

Traders demanded action to tackle the “repellent”
beggars in an affluent area of the city.

Shopkeepers in Bruntsfield are calling on the Scottish executive to
introduce powers to deal with beggars following a series of
incidents caused by individuals over the past six months.

They claim the group have openly been injecting drugs, fighting
each other and setting fire to rubbish in the street. The executive
said existing legislation was adequate for dealing with the
problems and said the issue was a matter for Lothian and Borders

Source:- Evening News  Wednesday 4 August

£1.3m police teams drive to blitz thugs

Edinburgh Council has set up two new teams of council-funded police
officers to tackle anti-social behaviour problems.

The 12 officers have started operating in the Broomhouse, North
Sighthill and Leith areas of the city. The council is creating six
teams in total in a £1.3 million initiative. The first teams
were launched in Craigmillar and North Edinburgh last autumn.

Source:- Evening News  Wednesday 4 August

Catalogue can be home help

An equipment catalogue has been launched to help people with
disabilities in the capital.

‘Equipment for use at Home’ is a catalogue of free home
adaptations and equipment.

The service is being run by Edinburgh Council and NHS Lothian and
will be available to anyone in Edinburgh who requires something on
a daily basis to help them with their disability.

Source:- Evening News  Wednesday 4  August

Scots boy still held in adult jail

A 15-year-old boy is being held on a rape charge in a Cypriot adult

The boy from Motherwell has been held in an adult prison since his
arrest on July 20th.

He was moved from the prison’s main wing to a minimum
security section where he no longer mixed with adult serious
offenders after concerns over his treatment were raised by human
rights groups.

The teenager’s father was waiting to hear last night if his
son would be moved to a supervised apartment in Nicosia until his
next court appearance in October.

The boy, who denied the charge, was arrested during a family
holiday to Protaras. He is alleged to have raped a 15-year-old girl
during a night out.

Source:- The Herald  Thursday 5 August

Make my day Jay

The real mother of Big Brother contestant Jason Cowan last night
pleaded with him to get in touch when he leaves the house.
Jane Astrauskas is desperate to meet her son to tell him the truth
behind his adoption.

Jane gave birth to Jason when she was 15-years-old and two years
later, social services took him from her.

Jane hopes her son will agree to meet her when the series ends

Source:- Daily Record  Thursday 5 August page 1

Welsh newspapers

Increasing use of stop and search riling Welsh

Welsh Muslims have spoken of the difficulties they encounter
while living under a cloud of suspicion as a result of the fear of

They say that the increasing use of stop and search powers by the
police is making their daily life intolerable.

Source Western Mail Thursday 5 August page 1

Morale lowest for NHS specialist doctors

Morale in the health service is lowest among a key group of
doctors who regularly work in excess of the new European limits,
according to new research.

The survey from the British Medical Association shows that one in
five staff and associate specialist doctors are considering
retiring in the next five years.

Source: Western Mail Thursday 5 August page 6

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