Tuesday 17 August 2004

    By Amy Taylor, Clare Jerrom and Alex Dobson

    The children social workers say must live with

    Social workers want two children who have been living with
    heterosexual foster parents for over a year to be removed and
    placed with a lesbian couple because this is what they are used

    The mother of the girl aged two and boy aged three was in a same
    sex relationship. Greenwich Council social services in south-east
    London would like a lesbian couple to care for the children, but
    others would like to see them placed with a heterosexual

    The case was heard in a Family Proceedings Court yesterday after
    months of arguing.

    Source:- Daily Mail Tuesday 17 August page 9

    Protestors try to stop C4 broadcast

    Campaigners are calling on members of the public to join their
    fight to prevent a documentary that claims white schoolgirls are
    being groomed for sex by Asian men in Bradford from being shown on
    Channel 4.

    The lobby groups, who are running their campaign through the Black
    Information Link website, want people to send emails to the TV
    company. They argue that it will incite racial violence and cause
    the British National Party to gain support.

    Edge of the City is due to be screen on 26th August.

    Source:- The Guardian Tuesday 17 August  page 6

    Dogs to help disabled youths

    British disabled children are being helped by assistance dogs for
    the first time.

    The dogs are trained to alert parents when a child needs

    Source:- The Guardian Tuesday 17 August page 7

    One million people are working beyond retirement age as
    pensions crisis deepens

    Large numbers of pensioners are working beyond retirement age to
    prevent falling into poverty, new figures show.

    Figures from the Office for National Statistics show that 1, 011,
    000 people over the state pension age were doing paid work last

    Source:- The Independent Tuesday 17 August  page 13

    Scottish newspapers

    ‘Sex for sale in lap-dancing clubs’

    Lap-dancers suffer humiliation and sexual harassment in clubs in
    Glasgow and licensing conditions and employment laws are repeatedly
    breached, according to a new report.

    The study, commissioned by Glasgow Council, found that sexual
    favours are made available in the clubs as many dancers are in debt
    which adds pressure on them to provide sexual services.

    The research claims that dancers are ordered to dress “like
    sluts”, some suffer from anorexia and many have to cope with
    threats of violence.

    Julie Bindel’s main conclusion in her report is that councils
    should be given powers to license the clubs as sex shops arguing
    they should no longer be classed as leisure entertainment, but as
    part of the sex industry.

    Source:- The Herald  Tuesday 17 August

    Bed-blocking fears as three care homes shut

    Fresh fears of a bed-blocking crisis were re-ignited yesterday as
    it emerged three private care homes in the capital are set to

    Social services have to find places for 90 older people in a care
    homes market which is bursting at the seams. A shortage of places
    means some older people are likely to end up in hospital

    Hillside Cottage in Juniper Green, the Lynedoch in Drumsheugh
    Gardens and Charteris House in Luberton are set to close in

    The news will be a major setback to health and council chiefs who
    are working on a target of reducing the number of blocked beds by
    20 per cent by April 2005.

    Source:- Evening News Monday 16 August

    Girl pupils ‘more likely to truant and

    School girls in the capital are more likely to play truant from
    school, steal and spray graffiti than boys, according to research
    by Edinburgh University.

    Around 60 per cent of girls in their third year of secondary school
    regularly skipped school with over half of 15-year-old truants
    admitting to taking drugs in the last 12 months.

    Only a fifth of truants at primary school age were girls yet the
    figures soared once the pupils reached secondary school age.

    However, boys were more likely to be excluded from school than

    Source:- Evening News  Monday 16 August

    Chloroform killer finds prison ‘too hard’

    A killer has made a claim for £90,000 compensation because he
    found prison “too hard”.

    Craig McCreight claims he has had to endure “inhumane and
    degrading” treatment at Saughton prison in Edinburgh and
    Shotts prison in Lanarkshire. This includes being forced to
    slop-out of his cell and having a lack of opportunity to work and
    be educated.

    McCreight, who was jailed in 2002 for murdering his girlfriend
    Yvonne Davidson, is one of more than 100 prisoners to make claims
    citing alleged breaches of the European Convention on Human

    Source:- Evening News  Monday 16 August

    Welsh newspapers

    10-years for ‘groomer’ in child sex abuse

    A paedophile has been jailed for 10 years after being branded a
    threat to young boys.

    Darren Clarke was placed in a hostel near Ruabon as part of his
    rehabilitation after a six-year sentence for sex offences.

    While working for the Salvation Army, he met and befriended a
    socially deprived family and having gained their trust, he sexually
    abused their 13-year-old son on a number of occasions.

    Source:- Western Mail Tuesday 17 August page 5

    We must cure nursing’s ills

    A half-page feature looking at the heavy workload and stress
    that many nurses experience during their working lives. Richard
    Jones, interim director of the Royal College of Nursing in Wales,
    argues that urgent steps need to be taken to address retention
    problems within the sector.

    Source:- Western Mail Tuesday 17 August page 8



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