Do you fit the job?

Victor Adebowale, chief executive of social care charity
Turning Point, London

“They should be a jack-of-all-trades and a master of one! As well
as their specialism they should be able to spot wider needs and
work to link people into whatever support they need. They should be
looking to deal with people rather than single problems.”

Mary Walsh, chief executive of SACCS Care,

“We’re looking for social workers who are child-centred, with an
amazing mix of qualities: warm, caring, thoughtful and totally
committed to the recovery of children traumatised by abuse and
neglect. We need team players with a concern for the wider picture,
both politically and socially.”

Stan Smith, head of social services policy, community
services, Aberdeen Council

“We are looking for people with a good range of knowledge, and a
sound grasp of professional values and skills. Equally important,
however, is a positive outlook to embracing new developments and
the ability to transfer their skills to new settings in response to
the changing demands of the profession.”

Sally Eason, senior commissioning manager, Solihull Primary
Care Trust

“We look for people who take a wider view of the world, those that
can see the relationships between, and the contribution of, the
different agencies needed to deliver services. We want people who
can problem-solve and bring together service users and their
families in myriad professional groups to help improve the way
services are delivered.”

Jane Warringer, manager at recruitment agency
Careplacements, London

“The ideal newly qualified candidate will be a good communicator,
impartial and objective in their outlook, with good listening
skills which will help them to better identify and understand their
clients’ needs. Applicants will also need to show the ability to
translate the academic theories they have learned into effective
practical use.”

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