Changing Where We Live: A Guide To Working With Communities To Create Green And Sustainable Communities

Star rating: 4/5.

By Chris Church with Charlie Garratt.
Community Development Foundation
ISBN 1901974480
£9.95 voluntary; £12.95 statutory

Those looking to engage in community and environmental work
should look no further than this easy to follow and well explained
guide, writes Richard Collins.

Using excellent examples, definitions and links to resources,
the reader is walked through the development of a project. The
sometimes repetitive examples cover a multitude of issues that may
arise, and are backed by informative advice.

The guide makes excellent – although sometimes tenuous – links
between social and environmental issues, which broadens its
accessibility to a larger audience.

Advice given on engaging communities should be read by anyone
looking to develop these important links. Some of the issues raised
are fairly common-sense but as a result create a manual suitable
for novices through to experienced workers.

Richard Collins is a strategic development manager for
the NHS.

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