Food Hygiene And Safety: A Handbook For Care Practitioners

Star rating: 4/5.

Carolyn Meggitt, Heinemann
ISBN 0435455311, £19.99

Intended for anyone whose work involves preparing or serving food to clients, this simply-written, comprehensive text book is detailed enough for those studying for intermediate certificates in food hygiene and safety, but anyone who enjoys cooking at home will find the book interesting and informative, writes Heather Chaplin.

Well presented with key points highlighted, the book comes to life with real case histories. Theoretical principles of food hygiene and practical food safety are explained, including chapters on safe storage, serving food, dealing with common pests and legal issues. There is an excellent glossary, with useful addresses and web sites.

Some may find the presentation basic – there are some black and white photographs, but the book is largely illustrated with line drawings – but for the serious student of food safety, this will not detract from an otherwise excellent book. It’s a worthwhile investment for any care provider.

Heather Chaplin is a regulation inspector.

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