Clarke announces childcare funding streams will merge

Charles Clarke

The numerous Sure Start funding streams are being merged into one
allocation for childcare in order to give councils greater
flexibility, Charles Clarke announced today, writes Amy
Taylor in Newcastle

The education secretary said that developing under-fives
education should be a priority for society.

When asked to “square” the issue of whether someone from
education or social services was more appropriate to fill the new
director of children’s services role, Clarke said that either
could fill the position and that someone from outside the sectors
could also be appointed.

“I don’t think there is any exclusivity of either
education or social services,” he said.

Alison King, chair of the children and young people’s board at
the Local Government Association, said that she was pleased by
Clarke’s comments. She added that she was angered when people
talked of “take over” by education in the role as it was open to
anyone who met the criteria required.

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