Fostering unnaccompanied asylum seeking and refugee children



Selam Kidane and Penny Amarena, BAAF Adoption and
ISBN 1903699541, £19.95

Attending to the needs of those who care for traumatised children
and young people is a crucial part of the therapeutic task. This
training course material provides a valuable tool for anyone
needing to assist foster carers in undertaking this difficult role,
writes Heather Pritchard.

The course is designed to be delivered over two days and covers a
range of intensely emotive topics. However, clear and concise
guidance on how to structure and deliver the material means that
even the inexperienced trainer can approach the task with

Overheads and handouts can be downloaded from the accompanying CD
and the glossary of relevant organisations is a treasure trove of
information. This is vital reading for all working with this user

Heather Pritchard is an independent social

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