Regulatory system will be ‘radically modernised’

David Behan

The chief executive of the Commission for Social Care Inspection
told a packed audience at the National Social Services Conference
to expect “a radical modernisation of the regulatory system” in the
near future, writes Ruth Winchester in

David Behan said: “The current regulatory and inspection
framework doesn’t deliver a whole picture of how people
experience social care. This seriously limits how well we can make
vital judgements about services, outcomes and improvement.”

“People want regulation which is based on frequent inspections,
unannounced visits and inspectors spending more time talking to

“In the past service inspections have, in the main, been by
single inspectorates. So they were unable to provide judgements
across all the services that an individual uses and did not add up
to a fully coordinated and appropriate approach for local councils.
We have reduced the anomaly of service inspection from 165
inspections in 2002 to 75 this year. From next year all our service
inspection activity will be joint with other inspectorates.”

“We will start consulting next month on proposals for further
changes from April. We want to see a more proportionate approach to
inspection, improved ways of reporting and a more efficient
approach to the way we work.”

In response to a question on the future shape of inspections of
childrens social care and education, Behan told delegates: “There
will still be two separate judgements next year. “But the journey
we are on will result in them being brought together.”

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