Reid fails to reassure directors about future of social care


Health secretary John Reid thanked directors of social services for
their work but failed to give assurances about major challenges
facing the sector, writes Sally Gillen from

Disappointment greeted his speech to directors at the annual
National Social Services conference in Newcastle, which included a
passing remark about Director of Adult Services role.

Hinting at the future relationship between adult social service
and health, he said those who took on the role would be expected to
build partnerships with other agencies to provide a seamless
integrated service for service users.

But delegates were frustrated by the lack of specific detail
offered on the role and the delay of the green paper on adult
services and white paper on public health.

Speaking afterwards, chair of the community wellbeing board,
which has been set up to look at the green paper, David Rodgers
said: “I am not reassured by the lack of specifics about current
issues. We want to see the green paper published as soon as

Reid also acknowledged that social care had fewer resources than
the NHS. He said: “I know that many of you will believe that we
have put more and more demanding challenges on you and that other
areas such as the NHS have been given resources that outstrip
yours, But I ask you to recognise that even with this there has
been an unprecedented growth in social care funding since 1997 of
36 per cent in real terms.”

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