The Big Question

Len Smith – Gypsy activist

Although I disapprove of underage drinking, I equally disapprove of
on the spot fines. They are subjective and dependent on the whims
of the police. How will the police be able to prove that someone
has actually been drinking? I would far rather that this was a
cautionable offence and then referred back to parents. Should young
people be fined for underage drinking?

Kierra Box – Young people’s activist

These powers will destroy trust in the police, as teenagers will
believe they are attempting to make money from them. They will
begin to choose drinks to get them inebriated quicker – and drink
them faster – to lessen the chances of being caught, and will
become reluctant to approach a policeman.

Shaun Webster – CHANGE self-advocacy

A warning should be given to parents or guardians the first time
underage drinkers are found. If the kids are found drinking again
then the fine should be given and this may push parents into
action. I would like to see the money from fines put into awareness

Joan Scott – Action Unlimited

They should be fined because it would stop them from drinking. But
it should not be £80 as that is too much and the parents would
have to pay that. It could be dropped down a bit maybe to about
£30. They ought to do something. I have seen 10 year old kids
drinking – before the age of 16 they are going to be

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