Thursday 2 December 2004

By Clare Jerrom, Amy Taylor and Derren

Five million workers face Treasury blitz on

Five million public sector staff will have to contribute up to
two thirds more to fund their final salaray penion schemes, it has

It is believed that all public sector staff will lose benefits
for early retirement due to ill health as part of Treasury
proposals to curb a £380 billion retirement bill.

Source:- The Times  Thursday 2 December page 1

Neglect inquiry

Police are questioning a mother on suspicion of abandoning her
14-year-old daughter

Stephanie Riley has been questioned over the allegation that she
neglected her daughter Chloe. Her family claim the 14-year-old girl
was left to fend for himself for two weeks in October.

Source:- The Times  Thursday 2 December page 4

Smacking appeal

Campaigners are to ask the House of Lords to consider reintroducing
corporal punishment.

They argue that a ban on smacking is an infringement of their human
rights. Lawyers have cited passages from the Bible in support of
their case.

Source:- The Times  Thursday 2 December page 4

Extended childcare in schools promised

The government will pledge today that every child in the country
will have access to an “extended school” open between
8pm and 6pm by the end of the decade.

The national childcare strategy will encourage schools to open for
longer hours and offer extra childcare assistance to working

Source:- The Guardian  Thursday 2 December page 5

Cannabis linked to mental illness risk

Some youngsters who smoke cannabis are at a real risk of developing
psychotic mental illness, according to a study published

The survey to be discussed at an international conference organised
by the Institute of Psychiatry in London found regular cannabis use
increased the risk of developing psychosis by 6 per cent over four

Source:- The Guardian  Thursday 2 December page 6

Disabled travellers rail against transport failings

Groups of passengers with disabilities boarded trains in Doncaster,
Plymouth and Cardiff yesterday heading for London to reveal find
out the adequacy of the provision in Britain’s transport

In Cardiff and Plymouth some passengers were turned away because
there were insufficient facilities on board.

Source:- The Guardian  Thursday 2 December page 7

Paedophilia thesis comes under fire

Child abuse experts last night criticised an academic who was
awarded a doctorate by Glasgow University for a thesis which
described sex between adults and children as sometimes

Richard Yuill said his research “challenged the
assumption” that sexual relationships between adults and
minors were inherently abusive.

Source:- The Guardian  Thursday2 December page 8

Confusion feared over Child Trust investments

There is “huge potential” for parents to become
confused over how to invest the Child Trust Fund the National
Consumer Council has warned.

The council wants the Financial Services Authority to look at how
the government benefit is being marketed by providers vying for it
to be invested with them.

Source:- Financial Times Thursday 2 December page 6

Scottish newspapers

Church row over apology to abused

Victims of abuse at Catholic Church homes in Scotland many years
ago are calling on the Pope to issue them with an apology.

The issue overshadowed an apology by the first minister for
children to “those who had suffered physical, emotional and sexual
abuse while in residential care”.

However, the church said it had already apologised and accused
the executive of playing catch up.

Source:- The Scotsman Thursday 2 December

Sexual abuse victim wants an apology from the

One victim of sexual abuse at a Catholic Church-run home in the
1960s has welcomed an apology by the first minister for children,
but called for a full-scale public inquiry.

Joseph Currie also called for the Pope to apologise for the
abuse he and others suffered and said only a public inquiry could
help victims move on with their lives.

Source:- The Scotsman Thursday 2 December

Patients to meet NHS

Patients are to air their views and quiz health experts over the
future shape of NHS services in Glasgow tonight at the first of
series of meetings throughout December across Scotland.

The views will be used by the group of experts to draw up an
improvement blueprint for the Scottish executive.

Source:- The Daily Record Thursday 2 December

GPs back internal market to shop for

Scottish GPs want to English NHS reforms that give them and
their patients more choice over the services they receive to be
introduced north of the border.

The British Medical Association’s Scottish general practitioners
committee is pushing for doctors to have their own funds for buying
hospital treatment, an option that will be available to surgeries
across England from April 2005.

However, critics fear the move could lead to the fragmentation
of the NHS and see private health providers cherry picking the most
lucrative work.

Source:- The Herald Thursday 2 December

Controversy surrounds university thesis on

A Scottish university researcher has come under fire for his PhD
thesis that challenges whether the law on sex abuse is right.

Richard Yuill, who received his doctorate in sociology from
Glasgow University at a graduation ceremony yesterday, said his
research into relationships between adults and children under 16
countered the “dominant view” that they were unacceptable, and
raised questions about the legal age of consent.

Sexual abuse experts have warned his work could be used by
paedophiles to legitimise their views.

Source:- The Herald Thursday 2 December

Welsh newspapers

System failed killer and his victim

A paranoid schizophrenic who killed a stranger was not monitored
closely enough while he was being treated in the community, an
independent review concluded yesterday.

Paul Khan of Cardiff stabbed a man to death who was out walking his
dogs last year.

Khan was discharged from a hospital in 2000 where he was being held
indefinitely for slashing a man’s face.

Source:- Western Mail Thursday 2 December

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