Btec introduction to health and social care

Btec introduction to health and social care

Star Rating: 3/5

Lynda Mason, Sarah Horne & Jo Irvine,

ISBN 0435 46245 8


This book is designed for those teaching or undertaking the
programmes BTEC Introductory Certificate and Diploma in Health and
Social Care. It covers the three core units and six of the optional
units, writes Lynne Richardson.

This is an easy-to-read book containing lots of case studies and
challenges in the form of “What if” sections, all designed to
encourage the student to broaden their thinking.

It is clearly laid out with plenty of suggestions for further
research that could be carried out under the “Give it a go”
headings. These features ensure that the book is a useful resource
for the teacher. Level one students, however, will have difficulty
understanding some of the specialist language used and mature
students may find the content covers ground they are already aware
of through their own work experience.

Some use of colour could have added to the appeal of the book,
particularly in illustrating the diagrams that appear in many

Lynne Richardson is college co-ordinator, Hull College,
and has lectured on health and social care courses.

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