Secrets of Children’s Fund success

Successful Children’s Fund partnerships involve the local
community and focus on raising children’s self-esteem,
according to a report.

Other characteristics of successful partnerships include the
active participation by children in projects, good links with
voluntary and statutory agencies, and activities designed to
prevent social exclusion.

The report recommends that in order to improve their
effectiveness, Children’s Fund partnerships should ensure
that children are involved in consultations and there should be
“rigorous” monitoring and evaluation procedures.

Accommodation and resources should always be “of the
highest quality” and all key partners should be involved in
the work of the partnership.

In addition, the inspectors also identified a number of factors
that point to the risk of a child or young person becoming
vulnerable. These indicators include:

• disengagement from school
• poor punctuality for the start of lessons
• dropping out of extra-curricular activities
• social and emotional withdrawal in class
• physical aggression and bullying
• sudden development of unusual behaviour
• refusal to accept any offers of help or support

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