Wednesday 22 December 2004

    By Shirley Kumar, Derren Hayes and Amy

    Disabled man wins wheelchair appeal

    A disabled man charged for using a wheelchair won a legal
    victory yesterday against low cost airline Ryanair and Stansted
    airport who were found guilty of discrimination.

    The ruling for Bob Ross by three senior appeal court judges was
    welcomed by the Disability Rights Commission.

    The Commission’s legal advisors said many more cases were on
    hold pending the outcome of the Ross case.

    Source:- Financial Times, Wednesday 22 December 2004,
    page 4

    Private schools should spend tax breaks on poorer

    Home Office minister Fiona Mactaggart said private schools
    should spend the £100m a year they get in tax breaks to
    educate pupils from poorer backgrounds.

    However, the Independent Schools Council, insisted a third of
    pupils in such schools were already given some help with fees
    amounting to three times the sum received in tax breaks.

    Source:- Financial Times, Wednesday 22 December 2004,
    page 4

    28 cot death cases could be appealed

    Twenty-eight cases in which a parent or carer has been convicted
    of unlawfully killing a child under two could go to appeal.

    The move is a result of a review launched by the government
    after Angela Cannings murder conviction was quashed.

    Source:- Financial Times, Wednesday 22 December 2004,
    page 4

    Violent protests will benefit axed Sikh play, says

    Home office minister Fiona Mactaggart has suggested the violent
    protests that forced a play about Sikhs to be axed will benefit the
    author and the show.

    Mactaggart said ticket sales of Behzti, a black comedy including
    scenes of rape and murder in a Sikh temple, would increase if the
    play returned to the stage because of the publicity.

    Source:- The Daily Telegraph, Wednesday 22 December
    2004, page 1

    More sites for gipsies planned

    The government has authorised more sites for gipsies and
    travellers and better facilities on existing sites yesterday.

    Enforcement action against inappropriate sites will be faster
    and more effective housing and planning minister Keith Hill

    Source:- The Daily Telegraph, Wednesday 22 December
    2004, page 2

    Policewoman addicted to drugs gets £32,000

    A woman police officer addicted to crack cocaine and heroin has
    retired on medical grounds from the Metropolitan Police with a lump
    sum of £32,000 and a pension of £580 per month.

    At one point it appeared she had overcome her problems after
    attending a £7,000 rehabilitation programme for which Scotland
    Yard lent her the money.

    But she had a relapse and doctors recommended retirement on the
    grounds of addiction and depression.

    Source:- The Daily Telegraph, Wednesday 22 December
    2004, page 9

    Father entitled to child benefit

    A Court of Appeal has ruled in favour of an unemployed father
    who shared the care of his children with his estranged wife by
    giving him the right to a share of her child-support benefits.

    The appeal judges said Eugen Hockenjos of Islington, north
    London was a victim of sex discrimination.

    He could be entitled to five years back payment for looking
    after his daughters, now aged 22 and 14.

    The government is likely to appeal the decision in the House of
    Lords to stop other fathers coming forward.

    Source:- The Times, Wednesday, 22 December 2004, page

    Murder gang girl jailed

    A teenage girl was jailed for nine years at the Old Bailey for
    conspiracy to rob and manslaughter.

    Aisha Lepro, 19, was the eighth person to be convicted after
    planning to rob businessman Joao De Costa, Mitendele, who died
    after being beaten, stabbed and gagged.

    Source:- The Times, Wednesday 22 December 2004, page

    Welsh newspapers

    Go home or be homeless, Congo women told

    Four women and a baby from the Democratic Republic of Congo
    whose asylum claims have been rejected have been told they can
    either return home or become homeless.

    Mansanga Marianne, Annita Nzemi, Motengo Nyamumbosi and Fanny
    Bukiala have been told to leave their accommodation in Cardiff but
    want to stay in Wales rather than go back to their war-torn home

    Fanny’s baby, Blessing Bukiala Bruno, is being cared for
    by social services.

    The Welsh Refugee Council wants a review of cases where asylum
    seekers are forced out of their accommodation but not sent back to
    their home countries.

    Source:- Western Mail, Wednesday, 22 December

    Paedophile jailed after parents’ web

    A man charged with 15 counts of possessing indecent images of
    children was jailed yesterday for 25 months at Swansea Crown

    Parents were so worried about Anthony Peter Luckwill that they
    set up a website to keep the pressure on the police to continue
    their investigation.

    Luckwill admitted the offences and was put on the sex
    offenders’ register for 10 years.

    Source:- Western Mail, Wednesday, 22 December

    Scottish newspapers

    Suicide rate rises among young in Scotland

    Suicide rates among young people in Scotland have risen by more
    than half over the past 20 years, researchers have found.

    Suicide rates are highest in deprived parts of the country,
    according to the study in the a British Medical Journal.

    Source:- The Record, Wednesday, 22 December

    Domestic violence calls soar

    The Scottish Domestic Abuse Helpline has extended its service to
    24 hours a day to cope with a doubling of calls this year.

    And volunteers are bracing themselves for a hectic festive
    season, when there is always an increase in domestic violence

    Source:- The Record, Wednesday, 22 December

    Suicide risk six times higher for women in less well-off

    Young women living in socially deprived areas are six times more
    likely to commit suicide compared to those in wealthy areas,
    researchers have found.

    The “suicide gap” was greatest for young women, undermining the
    fact that suicides have increased at a lower rate than for young
    men, found the study published in the British Medical Journal.

    Source:- The Herald, Wednesday, 22 December

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