Beyond Prozac: Healing Mental Distress

    Dr Terry Lynch, PCCS Books

    ISBN 1898059632, £13

    Every now and again a book comes along that is compulsory reading
    for practitioners. Beyond Prozac is such a book for those working
    in mental health, writes Wil Lilburn-Quick.


    This well researched and referenced book questions the prevailing
    medical model of care, which dominates the experiences of most
    people in contact with mental health services. Lynch challenges on
    a number of fronts the scientific validity that psychiatry claims
    to be based.


    The book does not advocate a complete rejection of medication as
    part of people’s overall package of care, but makes a convincing
    argument for limiting its role, while focusing efforts on
    understanding and dealing with underlying issues.


    My only criticism is that, on occasions, the style is polemic, but,
    with such an important message to convey, perhaps that can be


    Lilburn-Quick is a planning manager for mental health services in
    Bradford and is also a user of mental health services

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