Monday 17 January 2005

    By Maria Ahmed, Derren Hayes and Amy Taylor

    One in 20 children suffers attention disorder

    Five per cent of children in England and Wales have been officially
    diagnosed with the hyperactivity disorder ADHD, ministers said this
    week, as new figures showed a dramatic increase in the prescription
    of Ritalin.

    Source:- The Independent Saturday 15 January 2005 page 2

    Do children’s self-help books really help?

    Children are being targeted by the self-help book industry, with
    the latest DIY therapy aimed at young people rather than
    angst-ridden adults.

    Source:- The Independent Saturday 15 January 2005 page 18

    Man admits racist killing of refugee who defied Saddam

    Lee Mordecai, has admitted manslaughter of Kalan Kawa Karim, a
    refugee, in Swansea. The case has been adjourned for sentencing
    next month.

    Source:- The Independent Saturday 15 January 2005 page 29

    Teachers and social workers top league of stressful careers

    Teaching and social workers have been ranked as most stressful
    professions, according to new research. The occupations appeared in
    the top three for both poor psychological wellbeing and physical
    ill health caused by stress, researchers at the University of
    Liverpool said.

    Source:- The Daily Telegraph, Saturday 15 January 2005, page

    Prostitutes in sheltered home

    Two older men were served with antisocial behaviour orders
    yesterday after regularly inviting prostitutes to their sheltered

    Police were called to Edgwood Court in Edgbaston, Birmingham,
    following complaints about Elmo Worrell, 67, and Derek Paris,

    Source:- The Daily Telegraph Saturday 15 January 2005 page 10

    Damilola case trio remanded

    Three teenagers accused of the murder of Damilola Taylor were
    remanded in custody when the appeared by video link at the Old

    Hassan Jihad, 19, from Peckham, south London, and two brothers,
    aged 16 and 17 who cannot be named for legal reasons, also from
    south London, are charged with murdering Damilola, 10 on the north
    Peckham estate in 2000.

    Source:- The Times Saturday 15 January 2005 page 6

    Parents demand gag on cot death doctor’s lectures

    Professor Sir Roy Meadows, the paediatrician whose discredited
    scientific evidence resulted in the wrongful jailing of
    Cannings for murdering two of her children, is to promote his
    controversial theories about child abuse to the medical community.
    His lectures have sparked outrage among families wrongly accused of
    killing their children on the strength of his evidence.

    Source:- The Observer Sunday 16 January 2005 page 6

    ‘The system is designed to split up families like

    This week, Henrietta Spink, mother of two disabled boys, will take
    her case to the court of appeal to force to council to provide
    support for their family.

    Source:- The Observer Sunday 16 January 2005 page 15

    Inside Britain’s toughest jail for women

    Self-harm and suicide attempts are daily occurrence among inmates
    disturbed by addiction, neglect and abuse at Holloway prison.

    Source:- The Independent on Sunday Sunday 16 January 2005 page

    Migrants found

    Seven immigrants were treated for hypothermia after police found
    them in the back of a refrigerated lorry. Responding to a tip-off,
    officers stopped the vehicle in Capel-le-Ferne, near Folkestone,

    Source:- The Times Monday 17 January 2005 page 12

    Family’s life ruined by social work blunders

    A woman lost her business and suffered “severe
    distress” after social workers wrongly placed her and her
    four children on an “at risk” register, a report
    reveals today.

    Stephanie Lawrence was shunned by neighbours after Pembrokeshire
    social workers put her children on the register for 15 months in
    what the local government ombudsman said was a case of
    “repeated, prolonged and serious

    Source:- The Daily Telegraph Monday 17 January 2005 page 8

    Restraint of asylum young criticised

    Anti-deportation campaigners yesterday strongly criticised a Home
    Office document advising immigration officers on the use of
    “control and restraint” techniques in deporting asylum
    seeker children from the UK.

    Officials are being told that forcible action can be taken if it
    can be argued that the “safety of the child or others would
    have been endangered had restraint not been used.”

    Source:- The Guardian Monday 17 January 2005 page 7

    Half of those who die in police custody have mental illness

    An “appalling” number of mentally ill people are dying
    in custody, with half of all the fatalities involving “care
    in the community” cases, according Nick Hardwick, head of the
    Independent Police Complaints Commission.

    He said: “Whatever a police cell is, it is not a place of
    safety for people with mental illness.”

    Source:- The Independent Monday 17 January 2005 page 15

    Scottish newspapers

    Late picking up your child at nursery? The fine is one pound a

    Parents who pick their children up late from a day nursery are
    being fined one pound for every minute they are late to cover the
    spiralling cost of childcare.

    The move has been criticised by the parents, who already pay the
    Edinburgh nursery £30 a day in fees.

    Source:- The Herald Monday 17 January

    OAPs isolated

    A new survey by Age Concern has found one in five older people aged
    over 65 spends more than 12 hours alone daily. It has led some to
    fear older people are living in isolation, putting them at risk of
    depression and ill-health.

    Source:- The Herald Monday 17 January

    Welsh newspapers

    Dad: I won’t give up baby to mum

    The husband of a Welsh nurse who has taken their daughter into
    hiding in New Zealand said that he will not give himself up last

    Diane Jelicich, has custody of her six-month old child with her
    husband, but he took the baby and hid at the end of a family trip
    to Auckland at Christmas.

    Source:- Western Mail Monday 17 January


    Rural council declared the best-run in Wales

    Cardiff Council is the worst run in Wales according to an analysis
    of detailed figures released by the Welsh Assembly government

    The specially compiled Western Mail league table also finds that
    rural Pembrokeshire was the best-run council.

    The study found that only 35 per cent of children on the child
    protection register at Cardiff whose cases should have been
    reviewed were reviewed.

    Source:- Western Mail Monday 17 January

    Tories to push for Gibbons’ reaction

    New National Assembly Health minister Brian Gibbons will be asked
    to give a response to a damning report on the NHS in Wales on

    The NHS has been nominated as the theme of a minority party debate
    by the Welsh Conservatives.

    Source:- Western Mail Saturday 15 January

    All child vaccines hit by backlash

    The take-up rate of all child vaccinations in North Wales have gone
    down due to concerns about a possible link between autism and the
    MMR injection, according to the leading expert in the

    Dr Richard Roberts, the head of the immunisation programme in
    Wales, said that the levels of take up in North Wales for diseases
    such as diphtheria, tetanus and polio had all decreased due to the

    Source:- Western Mail Saturday 15 January

    Man, 26, admits drunken racist killing of Iraqi refugee

    A man from Swansea yesterday pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of
    Iraqi Kurdish refugee Kalan Kawa Karim.

    Lee Mordecai, 26, had previously denied murdering the man. The
    Crown Prosecution Service, which said that it has spoken to the
    victim’s family about the change of plea, accepted
    manslaughter. Mordecai carried out the attack last September.

    Source:- Western Mail Saturday 15 January





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