Information sharing could stop young people seeking help.

Organisations representing young people are urging the
government to re-think proposals on information sharing databases
in children’s services.

Sharing information about the use of sensitive services such as
sexual health could deter young people from seeking help when they
need it most, sexual health charity Brook has warned.

Information should only be shared between practitioners where
absolutely necessary to protect a young person, and recording
details of sexual health on a database would deter young people
from seeking help, they say.

A consultation on databases for sharing information in
children’s services closes on January 19. The government is
proposing that if a practitioner decides it is in a child’s
best interest, information about the involvement of services can be
recorded on the shared database even without the child or
parent’s permission.

The British Youth Council, the National Youth Agency and the UK
Youth Parliament are supporting Brook’s submission.

Read the consultation document at

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