Tuesday 18 January 2005

    By Maria Ahmed, Amy Taylor and Derren Hayes

    Free care for elderly proves more expensive than expected

    The provision of free personal care for older people, as well as
    free nursing care, is one of the Scottish executive’s most
    electorally popular initiatives. It is also the policy area that
    has diverged most from Westminster.

    Source:- The Financial Times Tuesday 18 January 2005 page

    Prison officer’s fury at ‘cut sick pay’

    Colin Moses, the chair of the Prison Officer’s Association,
    reacted angrily to suggestions from MPs that prison staff should
    have their sick pay docked to curb high levels of

    In a report published today, the Commons public accounts committee
    described levels of absenteeism in the Prison Service as
    “unacceptable” and said the cut in sick pay would save
    the taxpayer £60 million a year.

    Source:- The Financial Times Tuesday 18 January 2005 page

    How a fake doctor helped 1,000 people to get asylum

    A thousand successful asylum applicants face a review of their
    cases after the doctor who gave expert evidence at their hearings
    admitted yesterday that he was really a former taxi driver with no
    medical qualifications. Barian Baluchi used a string of fake
    qualifications to set himself up as a leading clinician, and was
    behind bars last night after conning more than £1.5 million
    from the government, leading charities and patients.

    Source:- The Times Tuesday 18 January 2005 page 3

    Gang rule in jail

    The gang and drug culture of Liverpool’s streets has
    infiltrated the city’s jail to the extent that parts of the
    prison are “no-go” areas for staff when inmates are out
    of their cells, according to a new inspection report.

    Anne Owers, the chief Inspector of prisons, said that bullying and
    drugs were rife in the prison.

    Source:- The Times Tuesday 18 January 2005 page 24

    Designer cannabis ‘harming young’

    The increased availability of high-strength cannabis is harming the
    physical and mental health of young people, the Royal College of
    General Practitioners said yesterday.

    Source:- The Daily Telegraph Tuesday 18 January 2005 page

    Schizophrenic killed man eight days after discharging

    A violent schizophrenic who stabbed a man to death was allowed to
    discharge himself from hospital eight days earlier despite warnings
    that he was extremely dangerous, an inquiry heard yesterday.

    Dale Pick attacked Michael Doherty in an alleyway, stabbing him
    seven times in the head and once in the heart. A report published
    yesterday criticised the Beaumont ward at the Bradgate Mental
    Health Unit, Leicester, where Pick was a patient.

    Source:- The Daily Telegraph Tuesday 18 January 2005 page

    Mothers face threat of fines over child access

    Mothers could be fined for denying partners access to their
    children under concessions to militant fathers that will be
    unveiled today by ministers.

    Three cabinet ministers led by Ruth Kelly, the Education Secretary,
    will reveal they are prepared to make concessions to fathers who
    have been campaigning for greater rights of access to their

    Source:- The Independent Tuesday 18 January 2005 page

    Youngest rapist in Britain

    A boy of 12 overpowered his teacher and then raped her during a
    one-to-one tuition session. The boy, who has severe learning
    difficulties, faces a lengthy sentence in youth custody when he is
    sentenced on March 11.

    He pleaded guilty to raping the woman at a community centre in
    County Durham last year.

    Source:- The Daily Mail Tuesday 18 January 2005 page


    The art of being a good governor

    Source:- The Times Public Agenda Tuesday 18 January 2005
    page 4

    Escape? Not on my watch

    The man who developed satellite technology for tracking offenders
    says that the same equipment can now revolutionise care for older
    people and children

    Source:- The Times Public Agenda Tuesday 18 January 2005
    page 5

    Scottish newspapers

    Shortages lead doctor to set up independent medical

    A Scottish doctor is setting up the UK’s first independent medical
    school since the launch of the NHS amid growing shortages of

    Dr Paul MacLoughlin, from Loch Fyne, Argyll, intends to launch a
    £20,000-per place per year course, primarily aimed at training
    senior nurses, paramedics and military medical personnel to become
    qualified doctors.

    Source:- The Herald Tuesday 18th January

    Family of preacher seeking asylum held

    The family of an African preacher seeking asylum in Scotland has
    been detained just days before the government decides whether they
    can remain in the UK.

    Pastor Makielokele Nzelengi Daly fled war-torn Angola with his wife
    and children more than four years ago but he was detained last
    month and is being held at Dungavel detention centre.

    Source:- The Herald Tuesday 18th January

    Welsh newspapers

    Tug of love baby father surrenders

    The husband of a Welsh nurse who went into hiding in New Zealand
    with their five-month-old daughter has returned to his
    parents’ home in Auckland.

    Stephen Jelicich has won the right to appeal against a court
    decision that gave his wife custody of their baby.

    The hearing will take place tomorrow.

    Source:- IcWales Tuesday 18 January

    ‘Every teacher’s worst nightmare’

    A teacher has won his case of unfair dismissal after wrongly being
    sacked over sexual allegations by two girl pupils.

    Iwan Rees won £22, 000 in damages at a tribunal.

    The girls were pupils at the John Beddoes secondary school in
    Presteigne, Powys.

    Rees was fired after the girls alleged the he touched them even
    though a police investigation found there was no basis for

    Source:- Western Mail Tuesday 18 January

    Call for schools to employ more nurses

    Every pupil in Wales should be able to contact a school nurse, the
    Royal College of Nursing said last night.

    The body said that expanding the programme would help to tackle
    drug and alcohol abuse and sexual health concerns.

    Source:- Western Mail Tuesday 18 January


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