Northern Ireland guidelines published

    The Northern Ireland Social Care Council has published its
    guidelines on post-registration training and learning requirements
    (PRTL) for registered social care workers this week.

    It sets out mentoring, reading and literature reviews,
    secondments and training as activities eligible to make up the
    required 90 hours’ PRTL every three years following

    Although the guidance is more substantial than that available
    for workers in England and Wales, it is not as detailed as Scottish
    guidelines published in 2003.

    An NISCC spokeswoman said the guidance was not intended to be
    too “prescriptive” so it could be adapted according to individual

    Social workers have criticised the PRTL guidance for England as
    being too “vague” and are calling on the General Social Care
    Council for more detail.

    The GSCC said it had “no plans” to issue similar guidance,
    adding that these matters were “essentially for local discretion.”
    Parents with a history of mental illness could be denied IVF
    treatment under new proposals, mental health campaigners have

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