Tuesday 25 January 2005

    By Clare Jerrom

    Pathologist at the Sally Clark trial ‘withheld

    The General Medical Council heard yesterday how the pathologist
    who carried out the post-mortem on Sally Clark’s babies
    withheld evidence that could have cleared the mother at her murder

    Dr Alan Williams was accused yesterday of failing to disclose
    evidence about Harry’s death and botching the post mortem
    examinations of both Harry and his older brother Christopher.

    Clark was jailed in 1999 for the murders of her sons but was
    later cleared and freed in 2003.

    Source:- The Times  Tuesday 25 January page 2

    Tories vow to pull out of refugee

    Tory leader Michael Howard yesterday vowed to withdraw from the
    1951 UN Convention on Refugees and prevent asylum seekers from
    claiming refuge at Britain’s borders.

    Source:- The Times  Tuesday 25 January page 4

    ASBO pigs case dropped

    A farmer who was issued with an antisocial behaviour order for
    the behaviour of his pigs had the case against him dropped last

    Brian Hagan was punished last month for failing to control his

    Source:- The Times  Tuesday 25 January page 26

    Inquest blames jail for overdose death

    Styal prison in Cheshire was yesterday criticised at an inquest
    when the coroner concluded that the prison’s ‘failure
    of care’ contributed to 18-year-old Sarah Campbell’s

    The inquest found that there was a lack of suitable
    accommodation for vulnerable prisoners, insufficient staffing
    levels and a failure at all levels to understand self-harm

    Source:- The Guardian  Tuesday 25 January page 7

    Cut in jail projections unveiled

    The Home Office said yesterday that by 2009 the prison
    population was likely to be 87,000 rather than the previously
    estimated 109,000.

    Ministers attributed the projected lower figures to efforts to
    persuade the courts to use jail sentences more sparingly and the
    introduction of tougher community penalties.

    Source:- Daily Telegraph  Tuesday 25 January page

    Landlady cleared of killing her children in pub

    Landlady Kate Knight was yesterday cleared of killing her two
    sons and a customer in an arson attack at the Prince of Wales pub
    in Stoke Newington.

    Source:- Daily Telegraph  Tuesday 25 January page 5

    80,000 homes to be built on old hospital

    John Prescott yesterday announced that the sites of 100
    redundant NHS hospitals across England would be developed under a
    series of schemes intended to extend home ownership to low income

    Source:- Daily Telegraph  Tuesday 25 January page 4


    Crawford: back success rather than

    Renewal projects in Clydebank, Inverclyde and Glasgow are
    “distractions which use up vast resources with uncertain outcomes”,
    according to the former head of Scottish Enterprise. Robert
    Crawford said cities and areas of proven success should receive
    government support and their hinterlands would benefit.

    Source:- The Herald Tuesday 25 January

    Sex health expert attacks Catholic church

    The architect of Scotland’s controversial sexual health strategy
    has accused the Catholic church of not treating other people’s
    views with enough respect. Professor Phil Hanlon, a former adviser
    to the Scottish executive, also accused politicians of worrying
    “too much” about a repeat of the backlash which erupted over the
    Section 28 debate surrounding classroom education on

    Source:- The Herald Tuesday 25 January

    Tories may send immigrants to Scotland

    The Conservative party is considering offering Scotland its own
    immigration quota system, Tory leader Michael Howard said when
    launching a crackdown on asylum and immigration yesterday. It would
    be the first time the UK has had an official cap on the number of
    people allowed into the country.

    Source:- The Scotsman Tuesday 25 January

    Kennedy pledges cash for first time mums

    First time working mothers would be paid at least £170 a
    week for six months under plans put forward by Liberal Democrat
    leader Charles Kennedy. Under the party’s Maternity Income
    Guarantee, all working mothers would be paid at least £4420
    for the 26 weeks of statutory maternity leave when starting a
    family rather than the current 90 per cent of salary for six weeks
    and £102 a week for another 20 weeks.

    Source:- The Scotsman Tuesday 25 January

    Social worker tried to take knife into jail

    A social worker was arrested after allegedly trying to take a
    knife into a high-security prison. An X-ray security machine
    revealed the three-inch lock knife in the social worker’s jacket
    pocket, a prison source said. He was arrested at Saughton Prison in

    Source:- Daily Record Tuesday 25 January

    Ned is banned from his own flat

    A teenager has been barred from his home under new laws to curb
    anti-social behaviour. Scott Wallace, 18, held rowdy parties and
    blasted out loud music round the clock, disturbing residents living
    in the same block of flats.

    Source:- Daily Record Tuesday 25 January


    Patients ‘treated worse than

    A senior nurse has sent an email to the new health minister
    Brian Gibbons alleging that animals would be treated better than
    patients currently at a hospital in Wales.

    The emergency unit sister said that patients were being left in
    corridors rather than being admitted to wards because of a shortage
    of beds at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff.

    She said she was still waiting for a reply a week after sending
    the email. Mike German, the Liberal Democrat leader in the National
    Assembly said that it was further evidence of the need for free
    personal care in Wales which would ease pressure on beds.

    Source:- Western Mail Tuesday 25 January

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