Parents need help accessing support

    Social care practitioners need to be aware that children in
    families with problems find it hard to access help, according to
    FSU chief executive Philippa Giltin, writes Anabel
    Unity Sale.

    Speaking at Community Care Live Children and Families
    in London, she told delegates: “Children in a troubled family find
    it particularly difficult to find help as they don’t approach
    proffessionals, such as teachers and social workers, and don’t know
    where to get formal help from.

    Gitlin added that parents themselves were also worried about
    coming forward if they are experiencing problems because of the
    stigma associated with doing so.

    Also addresssing the session on threats to children’s well-being
    in the home, Cardiff University senior psychology lecturer Gordon
    Harold said it is the relationship between two parents that can
    have the biggest effect on a child. “It is what happens between mum
    and dad rather than what happens to mum and dad that affects
    children the most.”

    He added that if conflict in a family was handled and managed
    well then a child will learn valuable skills that she or he can
    apply to their own life in adulthood.

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