Plans to turn around deprived areas announced

    Proposals to tackle the causes of deprivation and turn around
    deprived areas by 2021 were announced today by the Prime
    Minister’s Strategy Unit and the Office of the Deputy Prime
    Minister’s Neighbourhood Renewal Unit, writes
    Clare Jerrom.

    The report pledges that by 2021, no one should be seriously
    disadvantaged as a result of where they live.

    It identifies the factors that drive an area into decline and
    these include:-

    • concentrations of worklessness

    • poor housing and failure to address antisocial

    • key public services, such as health and education,
    performing poorly

    Prime minister Tony Blair said: “We must tackle
    concentrations of worklessness by helping those trapped on benefit,
    particularly the one million on incapacity-related benefits who we
    know want to work, back into jobs.”

    “By involving local people in managing their own housing,
    their local services and, increasingly, local policing, we will
    tackle the fundamental drivers of decline and disadvantage,”
    he added.

    The report promises better childcare for working parents, help
    for working age people who are living on benefits get back into
    work and for people in deprived areas to benefit from wider public
    service reforms.

    Improving the prospects of people living in areas of multiple
    deprivation in England from


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